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Gearbox Typical Failure Modes, Detection and Mitigation Methods

By Shawn Sheng

National Renewable Energy Laboratory/National Wind Technology Center

AWEA Operations & Maintenance and Safety Seminar


-Wind turbine gearboxes can fail in dramatically different ways. - Improvements in reliability and availability have to take a holistic approach involving design, manufacturing, testing, packaging/shipping/handling, installation, operation, and maintenance. It also involves almost all stakeholders, gearbox OEMs, turbine OEMs, owners/operators, research institutes, governmental agencies, and so on.

- Each detection technique has its own advantages and limitations. The same is true for oil sample/filter element analysis, and end users need to come up with a solution that is the most economical and effective for their assets. Note that one solution for one plant may not apply to a different site.

- Tracking and knowing your fleet condition through various instrumentation and data mining are critical.

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