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Complete Overhaul & Rebuild We have our very own way of getting it done right the First Time! For all Raymond Mill Parts, we promise to bring All Equipment Back to meet or exceed O.E.M Standards. When your Raymond Mill Parts may be worn cracked or egg-shaped, we promise to meet your time frame with an incredible cost savings from The O.E.M with you a Savings from 50 To 60% Guaranteed.


When it all seems like your Raymond Mill Is too old or worn. Don't worry, we can fix it!


We have the experience capability & latest technology to bring your Raymond Mill back to meet or exceed O.E.M Standards.


If your Raymond Mill is down and you're in a rush, no problem! We offer rush repair service when buying new parts becomes a problem because your Raymond Mill is now obsolete. We can reverse engineer your old worn or broken parts by manufacturing new to the exact specifications they once were. Before we promise to bring everything back to the exact working order it should be. Don't buy a new Raymond Mill, let us repair it!


We specialize in Industrial Gearbox Repair from the biggest to the smallest from Shaft Mount Reducers to Raymond Mill Gearbox, even larger scale gear box’s such as Extruders Speed Reducers & much more.


We service rebuild & completely overhaul your Industrial Gearbox to meet or exceed O.E.M Standards with a cost savings of 50% or more from buying new guaranteed! Your Gearbox keeps your production moving so we understand how crucial it is for you to remove it and repair it no problem.


We offer rush repair services meaning we will work around the clock for your Gearbox Repair. Still can't afford to stop production? We spell spare units from all brands. We are 24/7 365 operation. We offer free quotes to all new and exciting customers. Not in the same state? We offer free freight as well! So don't let your problems stop  your productions. We're your solutions. We love our work and so will you!




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How to fix Raymond Roller Mill

The main problems encountered in the use of Raymond mill are excessive noise, equipment vibration, no powder discharged or products decrease, not qualified powder, and so on. Most skilled operators can detect potential failures in advance through sound and finished product status in order to prevent and control the issues as soon as possible. 

1. No powder discharged or less powder discharged.

1) the powder locking device is not sealed well, resulting in powder suction;
2) the blades are worn too badly to scoop up the materials.

1) examine and adjust the powder locker and seal it well;
2) replace the worn shades with new ones.

2. Larger or smaller finished powder than requirement.

1) the analyzer blade is so worn-out that it cannot work its own role of separation;
2) the airflow of the fan is not suitable.

1) replace the blade and narrow the airflow to solve the larger finished particles;
2) increase the airflow of the fan to deal with the smaller finished product particles.

3. The current of the main engine rises while the current of the fan decreases.

Reasons: There is too much feed that exceeds the Raymond mill overload, resulting in a block in the air exhaust pipeline. Circulating airflow heating rises the machine temperature. Thus, the main engine current is increased and the fan current is decreased.

1) decrease the feed within the feeding overload of Raymond mill and clean the powder blocked pipeline;
2) open wider the air duct valve and control the temperature of the fed material below 6 °C.

4. Large main engine noise and large main engine vibration.

1) the feed volume is small;
2) the blade wear is serious and the material cannot be shoveled;
3) the material is hard with a large impact, or there is no material layer;
4) the roller grinding ring is out of the circle;
5) the anchor bolt is loose.

1) adjust the feed quantity;
2) replace the worn-out blade with a new one;
3) control the feed particle size;
4) replace the grinding roller and ring;
5) tighten the anchor bolts.

5. Fan vibration.

1) there is an accumulation of powder on or wear imbalance of wind blade;
2) anchor bolts are loose.

1) clean the accumulated powder on the wind blade or replace the worn blade;
2) tighten the anchor bolts.

6. Overheated transmission device and the analysis machine fuel tank.

Reasons: The oil is of large viscosity and thickness. The screw pump cannot oil the upper bearing causing an oil shortage.

1) check that if the grade and viscosity of the oil are in accordance with the requirements;
2) check the operation direction of the analyzer machine.

7. Damaged powder bearing of grinding roller device.

1) oil is cut off, or sealing ring damaged;
2) lack of maintenance and cleaning for a long time.

1) refuel the grinding roller device according to the specified time;
2) regular cleaning and replacement of oil sealing devices are needed.

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